Welcome to Our Ministries. 

Ministries are a vital part of our church. They help to engage membership and guests as well as allowing for us to do outreach in the community. Take a look at the ministries below and if you are interested in joining please let us know. 


Pastor Edward Jackson, Jr.

Christian Education

The purpose of the Christian Education Ministry is to help educate and edify the people of God in ways that will assist them to grow spiritually, and to find wholeness through their relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Church School

The purpose of the Church School Ministry is to teach the Bible in a manner that will draw those who have not yet received Christ as their own and also in a manner that will assist Christians in responding to God with maturing faith, love and obedience.

Nurses Corps.

Certified in CPR and First Aid, the purpose of the Nurses Corps is to provide nursing assistance to the congregation and guests, as well as to educate members of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church on health related issues. 


The purpose of the Laymen Ministry is to promote fellowship amongst association churches, Great Lakes Baptist Association and The Empire State Convention. 


The purpose of the Deaconess Ministry is to be examples of Christian womanhood and offer vision, encouragement and guidance to the congregation and community.

New Membership

The purpose of the New Membership Ministry is to Proclaim, Prepare and Promote the advancement of the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as well as encourage continuous growth through Christian education and Fellowship. 


The purpose of the Hospitality Ministry is to extend a heart felt greeting to all in the Love of Christ and through faithful service as well as seeking the achievement of positivity in the church and draw the membership together in true fellowship.


(Women Worshiping God Through Praise)
Women's Ministry

The purpose of the Women's Ministry is to teach, support and prepare women of all ages to overcome the challenges of the world as they live and work according to Gods Word. 

Feed The Needy

The purpose of the Feed The Needy Ministry is to provide food items, a home cooked meal, prayer and assistance as needed to the community Fridays 12PM - 2PM.


The purpose of the Safety Ministry is to ensure the safety of security of Church members and visitors during worship and services.


The purpose of the Beautification Ministry is to beautify the church, to provide an environment that is pleasing to the eyes, for the purpose of glorifying God.


And the House which I build is great: for great is our God above all Gods

2 Chronicles 2:5


The purpose of the Usher Ministry is to reflect the Christian dedication of the Pastor and all who come to worship.

Youth Connection

The purpose of the Youth Connection Ministry is to connect with youth of all ages, regardless of where they are in life, to nurture and provide them with a solid foundation to become Disciples of Jesus Christ.

Worship & Arts

The purpose of the Worship & Arts Ministry is to engage the body of Christ, locally and afar, in exalting Christ through music and performing arts.


The purpose of the Deacon Ministry is to assist the Pastor with the administration of the Church with Baptism, Communion, Visitation and Watch Care of the membership. 


Required by NYS Church Law, the purpose of the Board of Trustees is to care for the management and distribution of Church funds, as well as to exhibit spiritual sensitivity in administering the maintenance of the Church's properties and assets.


The purpose of the Media Ministry is to capture professional audio and video of services for reproduction purposes, and for our sick and shut-in broadcast.


Tune into our Sunday radio broadcast on WUFO 1080 every Sunday from 12pm - 1pm. 

Click here to listen to worship Sundays 12pm - 1pm. 

CD's of worship service are $7 and can be requested HERE.

Cold Spring Mission Ministry

The purpose of the Cold Spring Mission Circle is to nurture membership and non-members through visits, mission study, donations and prayer.  Also to pray for and minister to the sick, shut-in, those in need and contribute to the local and world organizations.

Men of Honor

The purpose of the Men's Ministry is to empower men, in an effort to promote unity among our Brothers in Christ. 

Praise Dance

The purpose of the Praise Dance Ministry is to empower our younger generation, learn how to be virtuous young men and women and save souls through praise and worship dance. 


Praise Dance Teams:

Kingdoms Best - Ages 5-12

Angels - Ages 13-17

V.I.C.T.O.R.I.O.U.S. - Ages 18-30

Sister to Sister

The purpose of the Sister to Sister Ministry is to show our love for young women, share the good news of God's plan of salvation for their lives and lead young women to personal commitments, integrity and excellence. 

Manhood Initiative

The purpose of this ministry is to mentor boys ages 7-17 and teach them basic values of manhood and leadership. Workshops and group sessions are designed to develop young men who become providers, protectors and contributors to their church and community.

Marriage Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to create opportunities for married couples to discuss various topics, interact, and participate in inside and outside activities with the goal of enhancing the relational bond.  Monthly meeting: 4th Friday of each month 6:30pm - 7:30pm.

Please call the church office for changes to schedule.

1 Corinthians 13:13

"And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity."


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